Southern India Science Fair 2019

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1. Please ensure that you select the correct Registration Form - Group / Individual / Teacher Category. Fill in the Form with all the required details. Retain the Original with you and submit at the time of Registration at the SISF Venue on 6th January 2019.
2. Only the model selected by your Education Department of the State Government will be permitted to participate in the SISF. No other model will be permitted for display or judgement at SISF. As the arrangements for the Fair is made as per the list of participants and type of their presentation as supplied by the respective state Governments, others will not be permitted to display their models for whatever reasons.
3. Kindly note that the participation to SISF is under three categories viz. Individual (ONE STUDENT ONLY escorted by a teacher), Group (TWO STUDENTS in a team escorted by a teacher) and Teacher (TEACHER only presenting an exhibit). When you fill up the registration form, please ensure the correctness of the category of your participation.
4. Photo Identity Certificates of Students and Teachers have to be submitted at the time of Registration. A letter from the head of the institution, correctly indicating the name of ONE STUDENT ONLY and Teacher for INDIVIDUAL PROJECT or names of TWO STUDENTS ONLY and Teacher for GROUP PROJECT or name of ONE TEACHER ONLY for TEACHER PROJECT selected by the state authorities, should be submitted at the time of registration at SISF Venue.
5. Individual and Group entries will not be registered without an escort teacher. Accompanying teacher is NOT permitted to participate in Teacher Category. The Escort Teacher should be from the same Institution as that of the Student Participant(s). One Teacher cannot register as Escort for more than one Exhibit even if from the same institution. The registration form MUST be filled as per this instruction. Any discrepancy in this regard will result in disqualification.
6. In the registration form under the column “SUBJECT” decide which is the most appropriate subject for your model to be classified under and indicate in the box marked against the subject accordingly. You have to mark in ONE box only for the SUBJECT.
7. All entries in the entry form should be filled in CAPITAL LETTERS or typewritten. The data provided, like the spelling of the name of the participant or Institution or exhibit name will be used for preparation of the certificates. Changes are not possible at a later date. Please give the PIN code in your address for better communication. If needed, the district may be separately indicated.
8. Only official participants (Students and escort teachers) will be given Badges, Food coupons, Certificates of participation and merit etc. As the organisers have made provisions for hospitality only for the participants of the fair, avoid bringing extra persons with you to SISF. They may not be able to provide Boarding / Lodging facilities even on Payment basis.
9. Since the main objective of this Fair is to bring out the creative / innovative ideas of students & teachers and motivate everyone, the participants of the Fair should be present at the venue during the entire exhibition period and explain their exhibits to the visitors. Unauthorised absence will lead to their disqualification.
10. Each exhibit will be allocated about 4’ x 2’ space only. The display of exhibits for different categories may be at different location of the Fair. In case your model requires larger space, you may indicate such request well in advance, though it is not binding on organisers. The organisers will try to allocate extra space, only if possible.
11. The place at which the Science Fair will be held should NOT be disfigured in any way. No nail should be used for securing Exhibits / Charts or Banners. Any violation will lead to instant disqualification of the participants from the Fair.
12. The organisers will provide only buckets and related materials at the place of stay. You are also advised to bring sufficient bedding materials, mosquito repellent, as they are normally not available on rent basis.
13. In case your Exhibit requires a dark room arrangement or needs to be displayed outside in the open or involves fire or requires water facility or any special arrangement at the venue, the same may be indicated in a separate sheet and sent along with the entry form. As far as possible the organisers will try to provide the facilities, however it is NOT binding on the organisers to provide additional requirements.
14. The Teachers escorting / presenting the models will be responsible for the safety of the exhibits, students and public while performing the experiments / presenting the exhibits. The escort teacher should also ensure proper behaviour of their team / student, failing which may lead to the disqualification of the team / student.
15. As the panel of judges are expected to visit about 300 models in a span of about 20 hours, the time permitted for explanation of a model is about 5 minutes. You can give them a copy of the report or any other details which they will go through as and when they need the details. The decision of Judges in all matters related to classification and judgement is final and binding on all concerned.
16. A one-page A4 size single side write up about your exhibit has to be submitted at the time of registration.